Yun hi kuch baatein

by Suyash Sharma

Product Description

’यूँ ही कुछ बातें’ अपनी शीर्षक की तरह बिलकुल साफ़ है। बात सीधी है, बस कोई कहता नहीं। पर लेखक ने कहा है, कहा है उन बातों को जो हम अक्सर बैठे सोचते है, कहा है उन बातों को जो अक्सर हम पर गुज़रती है। बस उन्ही बातों को सौ से भी ज़्यादा रंगों में पेश करने की एक कोशिश है ये किताब।



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21 Shades of Imagery

by Palash Kandey

About the book

There is no particular theme to the book but each poem has its own life connected with the words, which together create images of their own. The soul of the book is in its unapologetically candid portrayal of emotions. A collection of 21 poems, this book is a short-read created with emotions and not merely words.

About the author

Palash Kandey, is a stubborn like all January born kids. He loves to read non-fiction, biographies, and poetries, in English, Hindi and Urdu language. A sports enthusiast since a very young age, he took keen interest in cricket, football, badminton and tennis. Musicians and Lyricists inspire him to improve and improvise. Music keeps him motivated and in creases his ability to understand things in a better way. He also has interest in contemporary politics and historical debates apart from the love for writing.

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Tu Gair Hai Magar Yun Hi

by Mukesh Bhansali

लेखक मुकेश भंसाली मुंबई शहर से आते हैं । हिंदुजा महाविद्यालय से अपनी पढ़ाई पूरी करके मुकेश जी ने मुंबई में ही पर्यटन का व्यापर स्थापित किया जहाँ से वह लोगों को देश-विदेश की यात्रा मुहैया कराते हैं और अपने व्यापार के अनुरूप और लिखने के शौक अनुसार खुद भी कई देशों का भ्रमण करते रहते हैं । मुकेश जी को गीत, ग़ज़ल, कविता और शायरी का शौक तो शायद पिछले जन्म से ही था, और फिर कालेज के दिनों में सब यथार्थ सा लगने लगा । दिल का लगना और दिल्लगी करना, ग़ज़ल सुनना, गीत गाना, शायरी लिखना और सुनाना बाद में शौक बन गया । किसी को तस्सवुर में सजाते रहे, बाद उन ख्यालों को लिखते रहे, पता ही नहीं चला की कब सुखनवर हो गये । इनका कहना है की जो इख्तियार में ना था और जो सिर्फ तमन्ना बन कर रह गई, वो ख्याल, वो ख़लिश और वो ख्वाब जो ज़िंदगी में ना शामिल हो पाये उन्हें कागज पर दर्ज कर एक सकुन का एहसास सा महसूस होता है, हालाँकि दर्द अपनी जगह मुक्कमल रहा ! इस किताब के ज़रिये मुकेश जी ने फिर से एक बार उन सभी लम्हों और जज़्बात को अपने विचारों के गलियारों से निकाल कर एक कागज़ के टुकड़े पर रखने की कोशिश की है ।

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Tu Gair Hai Magar Yun HI

Confesssions of Love

by Nandini Gupta & Haripriya Pradhan

Confessions Of Love is an initiative which is providing platform to the writers whose inks are efforting to explore, by publishing their write-ups. The Anthology “Confessions Of Love” is filled with quotes and Poetries in both of the languages English and Hindi. This Anthology is compiled by Nandini Gupta & Haripriya Pradhan not only to explore the writers to the world but also to give an efficient reading material to the readers. All the writers are choosen from different edges of writer’s pot.All are going to experience the words written down by the writers because all knows that writings are not only a writing it has words which flashes life. Let yourself be taken as a journey of magical words and poems into realism written by different writers, feel inspired by the full spectrum of emotions. You will definitely get touched by their alchemy. Get ready to travel! the new orbits of love and Confession, awaken your soul!


Poetic Essence

by Rohan Palve

Poetic Essence is a creation of several feelings coming together. This collection is an attempt to voice many things. The poems in this collection speaks about the feelings of a lonely girl, celebrates the coming of spring, gives you christmas wishes and much more. Rohan Palve, now 24 started writing when he was nineteen years old. He writes poetry and also has taste in writing articles and blogs on various topics. Rohan writes poetry for various domains in life, spirituality, nature and all other topics that touches his heart. Rohan is an english literature graduate and is going to pursue his masters in the same. He also works for a reputed MNC as a business associate for a banking and financial project. Apart from writing, he also peruses his hobby of learning different languages. This is his debut work in poetry. You will be seeing more books from him in the future.


Melody Of Moods

by Rupshita Suresh

What is life? What are its elements? What about hardships? It is all these questions that you will find answers for in this book. This book follows the journey of emotions and various moods that life harbors. It speaks about family, friends, childhood and life itself. It goes from the sorrows to happy times and from fear to motivation. A well-crafted ride along the elements of life and stories of love in various forms. This is a collection of thirty five poems that are ready to inspire you, to live, to be strong, to love yourself, to love art, to dance in the winds and to get all wet in the rains! Ever wanted to just close your eyes and just imagine? Well just grab a cup of coffee or tea and sit down, shedding off all worries and just imagine and dream! Let it be imagining about life or about the day you achieve it all, just sit and imagine with me as we visit every mood, every emotion in this ride of the ‘Melody of moods’.



by Ramizraja Alimohmmad Belim

ये किताब मेरी लिखी हुई कई कविताओं का संग्रह है, जो मोहब्बत, ज़िन्दगी, हार पर आधारित है। इस किताब का नाम “सुकून “ रखा है, क्यूंकि सुकून ही एक ऐसी चीज़ है जिसकी तलाश में इंसान ता-उम्र भटकता है, और मुझे यकीन कही न कही इस किताब में आप उससे जा मिलेंगे, ज़ूज़लाहट से लेके सुकून तक का सफर है इस किताब में, मेरे अलफ़ाज़ रहगुज़र और आप मुसाफिर हो इस किताब में। उम्मीद करता हूँ के य सफर आपको पसंद आये और मेरे हर जज़्बात को ज़बान देने की कोशिश कामयाब हो ।

– Ramizraja Belim