Uske Mehfil Ke Baad...

by Anubhav Gaurav

Product Description

About the book

The book is a collection of verses (shayaris), written in English as well as in Devnagiri script, unrelated to each other but holding experiences of beautiful yet diverse human emotions. It consists of couplets depicting love, separation, beauty, agony, resilience etc. The essence of each verse has been extracted from the lessons of life. It is the journey of a man (the author), been in love and out of love in his phases of life.

About the author

The author is a banker by profession and a writer by passion. A great admirer of urdu poetry and poets. Writing comes naturally to him and the book, “Uske Mehfil ke Baad…” is his first attempt to publish his work. Poetry, according to him is an acquired taste which may not be appealing to all but at the same time as Indians, we all have ears for Shayaris.


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Friendship: A bond of trust and love till eternity

by Ansh Agrawal

Friendship is the relationship least talked about and rarely expressed in the form of poetry. This book does the exact opposite. Each poem in this book talks only about friendship, it describes how beautiful and joyful this ride can be. The poems in this book define friendship in its all forms and are sure to leave the reader spellbound.


The Infinite Depth

by Fakhruddin Ukani

The poetry hidden within these pages tells stories of love, madness, heartbreak, loneliness, surviving, hallucination, hope, healing, blooming .In darkest night the stars shine bright, so let lit the sky with our sparkles.


The Cessation

by Arushi Sharma

About the book

“The Cessation is a collection that includes three forms: quotes, small paragraphs, and a few letters based on the combination of personal experiences, fantasies, and realities that are often being ignored. As a result of this incomprehension, people limit themselves in a closet that makes them feel alienated and detached from the mechanisms of the world. Therefore, I believe, to break these manufactured ‘truths’, it is important to cater to them by being vocal about the same. This obligation can make people question the distinctiveness of the process that they went through by highlighting the commonalities and a sense of familiarity with their fellow human beings. The contents of the book are scattered, in the sense that I picked up various forms of forbidden apples from the world’s garden of Eden, and tried to present them collectively in The Cessation. Few topics that are included in the book are associated with day to day life: Love, Silence, Past, Future, Overwhelming emotions, Nature, Forbidden thoughts, etc that are suppressed under the glossy utopian realities. The selection of these heterogeneous topics are meant to question or challenge the homogeneous and hegemonic realities because in this dynamic world monotony is a myth.”

About the author

On 23 February 1998, a baby girl, Arushi was born in a middle-class family to a banker and a housewife after 5 years of their marriage. Being a firstborn in the extended family and the only child to her parents, she was fortunate enough to gather all the love from her family. She did her schooling from Queen Mary’s School, Tis Hazari, Delhi with a science background. Soon after completing school, she pursued her dream and decided to shift to humanities in order to study English. She did her Bachelor of Arts (BA) in English from Ambedkar University Delhi, Delhi. Having a lineage, both paternal and maternal, from Himachal Pradesh, she grew up hearing various stories about the myths and traditions of the state. Always empathetic and fascinated by the experiences of people and their stories, she developed an interest in Indian Mythologies as well as Folklore. She got an opportunity to present a paper at the Annual Conference of American Folklore Society, in 2018 at Buffalo, U.S.A. Currently, she is pursuing her Masters from Christ (Deemed to be University), Bengaluru in English and Cultural Studies. Even though being born with an exuberant nature which made her not just the favourite kid in her family but also amongst her group of friends, she still prefers to pen up her thoughts that she developed during her first year of the bachelor’s degree. Apart from academic interests, she has a proclivity for creative writing, French fries and at times for traveling. Even though she is not an ardent reader but is fond of reading poems, couplets and short stories, especially written by Manto, both in Hindi and English.


Vyom - mukammal ishq ki adhuri dastaan

by Sakshi Ahuja

Sakshi Ahuja comes from the city of Jalandhar, India. Having a keen interest in poetry, making her poetry a medium, Sakshi wants to bring about a change in the mindset of the society towards love. She believes that love is above all religions, customs, faiths and beliefs. ‘People stop discrimination on these basis and let true love and lovers live’ is what Sakshi aims to achieve through this book.


The Brown Girl: Time & Phases

by Vaishnavi Gupta

This collection of poetry is about brown women trying to make standing in the patriarchal world that constantly devours their space for no good reason. It contaminates people with its asinine ideologies and makes a whole gender of the spectrum feel like an ancillary.

Each poem talks about a different issue, some of which might feel universal to the whole community of women. From poems about treating women like subordinates, mannequins, victims of mental distraught to poems about transition of us women unlearning and calling out these toxic traits talking about our space and body with more authority and slowly moving to rebellion, poems talking about reformed modern princesses and things that are ‘taboo’ in the brown society that will shake its roots to the core and we will know it’s changing.


Paribhasha (Volume 3)

by Multiple

Paribhasha is a poetry collection of 21 writers. The third volume brings you the finest poetry in hindi language from writers across the nation, reflecting upon various themes.