Ulfat - Prem Ane Mitrta

by Abhishek Parmar
  • eBook
  • Paperback

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Product Description

ULFAT’ – Love and Friendship. None of them we chose to do. They happens with us. They encounter us anytime, anywhere Wwith anyone. In love there is friendship and in friendship there is love, for sure. Feeling seperates them. The feel that we have inside of our hearts. Love can’t be defined nor it can be proven. It’s like an air. Feel it and live it. The big messy confusion occurs often in relationship is – ‘Is it love or friendship ?!’ Who decides ? The boundries of love and friendship is decided by the souls living at the ends of a relationship. In this story you will see love and friendship playing hide and seek with the characters. Don’t try to run away. Love or friendship or both will caught you once in a life for sure. ARE YOU READY !


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