The Untold Love

by Vanni Vighmal

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About the book

Vanya always had different perspective towards life. She was ambitious, cheerful. She always believed in true love. Things became complicated when she found someone. As fate had some other plans for her..

Amay, an aspiring athlete for whom life was never a serious thing, and true love never existed until fate played its game and love crossed his path.

Being totally different from each other what happens when they fall in love? Will things ever fall in place? Will they unite? Will The Untold Love ever be told?

Let’s see!!

About the author

Vanni Vighmal, 23, brought up in Gurugram. She is a graduate in commerce & is pursuing with her masters. Words always ignited a spark in her and that shaped her mindset of becoming a writer. Some incidents of her life made her pick up the art of writing, which now is best healer for her. She always remained fascinated by the world of stories and dreamt of being a part of it. This debut book is her first step towards it. Through this she make us believe in love. You can visit her creative page on instagram @vanya_ki_duniya for some beautiful write-ups.


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Love from Iraq

by Rukayya Zirapur

There are a lot of love stories out there, but this is love less spoken about and more of a story. It is the longest poetry that tells the tale about two security guards who fall in love with each other. There comes a point where both of them are separated by the society for they can’t accept them. Moreover, apart from this there is game, competition, fun, laugh and a trip to Iraq.



by Khushboo Varma & Aditi Nalawade

Love, well love is like a snowfall! All the while it happens, it seems to be the most beautiful feeling ever. But once it starts to melt, it seems to be the most horrifying illusion. Surbhi too goes through different phases of love. While Siddharth is her confidante, love seems to be too surreal to be real. Time and destiny make them take different places and different choices. What starts as a high-school crush, turns out to be the life changer for both of them.



by Pratiksha Saraswat

About the book

भारत की आज़ादी का स्वाद सबके लिए मीठा नहीं था। दास्ताँ, कहानी है उस दौर की जब भारत में बटवारे की आग लग चुकी थी। उस आग में जाने कितनी कहानियाँ जल कर राख हुई। उन सभी कहानियों में से एक अनोखी कहानी है देव और जया की, जो शुरुआत में अच्छे दोस्त बने और जिनकी दोस्ती धीरे-धीरे वक़्त के साथ बहुत खूबसूरती से एक गहरी मोहोब्बत में तब्दील हुई। ऐसी मोहोब्बत जो संसार के हर भाव से ऊपर है। यह कहानी है उनके ऐसे मानसिक संघर्ष की जिसने दोनों की ज़िंदगियों की कश्ती का रुख पलट कर रख दिया।

About the Author

Pratiksha Saraswat a 26 years old writer cum storyteller and a CA aspirant who keeps on trying to maintain a balance between her office, her studies and her love towards writing. She has been writing for a long time and whenever the CA struggle hits her hard, she finds her solace in between her stories and poetries. Daastaan is her first attempt towards publishing her work.


Teenage Love

by Izhar Malik

यह कहानी है एक नाउम्मीद सा, कमसिन उम्र के लड़के की जो अपनी उम्र की ही लड़की के प्यार में पड़ा जो उससे हर वक़्त एक कदम आगे रहती थी । यह कहानी है एक लड़की की जो प्यार में धोखा खा चुकी थी, जो दोबारा इस चक्कर में नहीं पड़ना चाहती थी, जिसने करियर का हवाला दे कर प्यार को ना कह दिया । ज़िन्दगी में हम चाहे जिस भी मोड़ पर क्यूँ ना हों, प्यार कैसे न कैसे हमें एक ही मोड़ पर ले आता है ।


Unkept Promises

by Arbaz Bakhsh

Heartbreaks could break you down, would resist you to believe in life again. However we do realize at the end it is just a “phase”. A phase where your mom is there to relive your faith in love, where your dad is there to help you get over it all, where siblings are there to hold you upright and where your friends are there to give you the best piece of advice. Unkept Promises was written in a short period of time and is meant to entertain the readers and to share a story which is very close to the author’s heart. Cheers to all the readers.


Not yet decided

by Muskan Sawadia

“The biggest regret is not the love we give to someone, it is the after breakup story.” Not Yet Decided is Muskan’s first book with which she aims to make changes in the lives of youth.