The CHAOS of love, pain and healing

by Disha Varshney

Product Description

‘THE CHAOS OF LOVE, PAIN AND HEALING’ is a captivating collection of English and Hindi poems on love, heartbreaks and healing process, that will touch your soul and make you believe in the powers of the uncanny universe. The author has poured all her emotions in the poems, which can only be felt by heart.

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The CHAOS of love, pain and healing


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by Ramizraja Alimohmmad Belim

ये किताब मेरी लिखी हुई कई कविताओं का संग्रह है, जो मोहब्बत, ज़िन्दगी, हार पर आधारित है। इस किताब का नाम “सुकून “ रखा है, क्यूंकि सुकून ही एक ऐसी चीज़ है जिसकी तलाश में इंसान ता-उम्र भटकता है, और मुझे यकीन कही न कही इस किताब में आप उससे जा मिलेंगे, ज़ूज़लाहट से लेके सुकून तक का सफर है इस किताब में, मेरे अलफ़ाज़ रहगुज़र और आप मुसाफिर हो इस किताब में। उम्मीद करता हूँ के य सफर आपको पसंद आये और मेरे हर जज़्बात को ज़बान देने की कोशिश कामयाब हो ।

– Ramizraja Belim


An Individual's Feelings

by Aniket Raj

This book “An individual’s feelings” expresses a common feeling,shows different situations and challenges that comes in our life and the effort put by us for facing that problem.In this book,every poem has a deep meaning which only sensitive people can understand.The book is written in two languages:-hindi and english.By going through this book,you will realise the importance of your parents,time,mistakes and life itself.And you will understand what is a life?


All of Me

by Manodipta Nath

ALL OF ME is a collection of scribbles, quotes, poetry and few short stories at the end.


Verses from my nib

by Sushmita Nanda

This book is a collection of poems dealing with different genres, which takes you through the various phases of life. You may sometimes feel ecstatic, sometimes gloomy but mainly you are bound to contemplate on the notions talked about in the poems. The ideas are taken from reality and prevailing society. At times you may also find some poems to be personal and that is where the real beauty lies as you might relate to it.


Cupcakes and Rainbow

by Aparna Singh

This cute poetry book titled cupcakes and rainbow is written straight out from the heart. The pages of this book not only contain words but my feelings, feelings that I have felt over the span of two years. Every word has brought me closer to where I am today in my life. I derive my strength, my weakness, my love and my hurt from each of the poems written on the pages of this book. But, above all this book is about deriving positivity and greatness and cupcakes and rainbow are two contrastingly beautiful things that bring us both.

– Aparna Singh


Scribbling In Solitude

by Nistha Verma

Scribbling In Solitude is hindi/ urdu poetry collection by Nistha Verma. The book has poems which define the state of solitude. Nistha believes that there is a writer hidden in each one of us, and there are situations in life which makes one scribble!