That Nerved Watch

by Arshi
  • eBook
  • Paperback

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Product Description

Some love stories tend to end amidst, while some run till the end. In fact, no love story is incomplete, all are driven by force of love to a complete end. And if it’s not complete, it’s not an end. ‘THAT NERVED WATCH’ is such a saga which is still waiting for its final end. It is the tale of two amateur people, Pritam and Meera, who fell in love during their school days and remained the same until the time played well.

The story depicts power of time. There’s no tomorrow or yesterday, it’s only today. The story emphasizes on the motto ‘IT’S TODAY OR IT’S NEVER, THE CHOICE IS YOURS.’ This love story is tender and heartfelt depicting the adjoining scenarios of love and the reason of its failure. Meera and Pritam being from the same school casted a new love story with awestruck situations played by the time turning love into a catastrophe or a catastrophe into love.

It is a book for anyone who has ever gazed onto the sky, thinking about two separate stars to meet once in their lifetime. Suitable for every age group, this love story hits hard to the soul stuck around the paused time of a nerved watch.


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