Tehzeeb Talkies and Other Poems

by Aftab Yusuf Shaikh

Product Description

About the book

TEHZEEB TALKIES is a collection of poems that were written in different periods of time, dealing with various elements of human behaviour but filled with the essence of one single emotion- love. The poems included in this volume were all composed before the poet attained the age of twenty.

About the author

MOHAMMED AFTAB YUSUF SHAIKH was born in Bombay (now Mumbai) and he started writing at the age of eight and has since written over two hundred poems. His poems have been featured in international publications like Muse India, The Istanbul Literary Review, The Barefoot Review, The Enchanting Verse Literary Review, Emerge Literary Review, Time Vision, Time Mastermind, Kritya Poetry Journal, Frogpond: The Journal of the Haiku Society of America, Shot Glass Journal, etc. His first novel ‘The Library Girl’ was published in 2017 by LiFi Publications, New Delhi. In 2019, The Karadi Tales Company, Chennai, published his first picture book for children titled ‘Letters To Ammi’ as a part of their City Series. He has been awarded the NE8x Author of the Year 2019 and the Poiesis International Award for Excellence in Literature 2020.

Aftab earned his Bachelor of Theology and Master of Divinity degrees in Religious Studies from the International Institute of Church Management, Chennai and Bachelor and Master degrees in English Literature and Psychology from the University of Mumbai and Alagappa University, respectively.



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The Hidden Ingredient

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About the book

A being is an amalgamation of masculine and feminine matter in varying proportions. Feminism is simply accepting, adhering and occasional honing and consistent respecting of the feminine side of oneself. Based on the above personal opinions, writer has tried to weave various emotions through various central themes, within the framework of feminity present in all of us. The ideas explored can find their kin in not only todays but almost every era, for they are basically emotions rather than trends. The writer has also allowed a wide scope of liberty to her readers to engage into literal or perception of themselves as they delve into the savoury flavour of the writer’s brilliant and wide array of dishes. Furthermore various new concepts have been addressed with a very objectified yet subjective view. A fan of Romanticism, writer has attempted to explore not only through breathing but inanimate objects as well. The freedom of exploring a single face in various ways and via various methods is the USP of the book.

About the author

This book marks the official beginning of the writer P.By. The habit of writing that she nurtured since her pre-onset of puberty years, under the guidance of her father, was limited to articulate and observational for a long time, before she started exploring and playing around with the idea of poems in her teens. According to her it was strictly playing around as she wasn’t really interested in writing or reading the poems much, but as the years passed and when she finally realised that she would like to extend her passion for reading and on need basis writing into a career, she finally, for the first time, started viewing poetry as a serious matter. Exploring through various kinds and ideas she has tried to develop an untraceable and unique style of her own within and beyond already existing. Obviously, her journey has just started so the approaches are quite fresh and a bit jagged but still very original. Also a very private person she wishes her work to speak more than her.