Sit Next To Me

by Sanchi Chaware

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About the book

This book is an amalgamation of some absurd ideas disguised in the robes of rather short stories. There is a blend of fantasy, subversion, dystopia and plain weirdness distilled to tickle the reader’s mind.

About the author

Sanchi Chaware wants to be a writer. She is currently preparing for UPSC after completing her graduation in Civil Engineering from IIT Kanpur. When not studying or writing, she is found knitting and hoping for a cat.



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Lenders of Gloom

by Moosa Saleem & Khudaija Mir

Lenders of Gloom is a set of two stories, the Mourner and Alias. . .

Abdul Aziz, a bachelor in his sixties, a millionaire who married his business and has no friends or family, is dying. As he fears his death is approaching, he hires a funeral planner Inaya to plan a lavish funeral with lots of people who would miss him and cry for him, as all he wants is to be remembered. Inaya too has her own share of struggles and finds it impossible to bring people to the funeral of a man who has no friends! . . Will Abdul Aziz be able to have the funeral he always wanted? will he be remembered? Will Inaya pass through her struggles and manage to bring one last moment of happiness for Abdul and for herself? Will she be able to get Abdul Aziz a Mourner?

Advik and Shaan, two brothers who are ready to do anything from begging to stealing, to help their grandma get caught up in a gang fight. Their encounter with a mysterious old man makes them realize that they are special and are an Alias! While Shaan gets arrested for stealing, Advik is left alone to fight the gang and help his grandma out. Will Advik be able to rescue himself? Will he last long enough to realize the powers which are hidden in him, the powers he never knew of? Or will someone else come to his rescue?

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Lenders of Gloom

Tankha - Ek Varta Sangrah

by Rajkumar Bhatt & Dr Sagar Pandya

ડૉ. સાગર પંડયા’ વ્યવસાયે એક અંગ્રેજી ભાષાના શિક્ષક છે પરંતુ ગુજરાતી તેમની માતૃભાષા હોવાને કારણે ગુજરાતી વાર્તાઓ અને કવિતાઓ લખવા ઉપરાંત ભાષાંતર ઉપર પણ સારી એવી પકડ છે. તેમણે આ પહેલા પણ અંગ્રેજી, હિન્દી તેમજ ગુજરાતી ભાષામાં પદ્ય તથા ગદ્ય ક્ષેત્રે સર્જનકાર્ય કરેલું છે. આશા છે કે તેમનું આ પુસ્તક વાચકોને પસંદ આવશે અને આ સંગ્રહમાં ચૂંટેલી વાર્તાઓ તેમને આનંદની અનુભૂતિ કરાવશે. આ પુસ્તક વિષે વાચકો તેમના પ્રતિભાવો લેખકને જણાવશે તો ચોક્કસ તેમને સંતોષની લાગણી થશે.. . .

રાજકુમાર ભટ્ટ વ્યવસાયે ભાષાના શિક્ષક છે. તેમનું લેખન ક્ષેત્રે આ પ્રથમ વારનું ખેડાણ છે. આ વાર્તાસંગ્રહમાં તેમણે કેટલીક સ્વાનુભવ અને કાલ્પનિક ટૂંકીવાર્તાઓ રજૂ કરી છે. વાચક વર્ગની રુચિ અનુસાર લખેલી વાર્તાઓ નિઃશંકપણે તેમના હૃદયના તાર ઝણઝણાવી મુકશે. વાચકો તેમના પ્રતિભાવો લેખકને ચોક્કસ જણાવે.


Zindagi Express

by Ravi Bhujang

ज़िन्दगी में स्टेशनों की ही तरह कई पड़ाव आते हैं। छोटे-बड़े! अमहत्वपूर्ण-महत्वपूर्ण। ज़िन्दगी किसी पड़ाव से शुरू होकर किसी पर खत्म हो जाती है। “ज़िन्दगी एक्सप्रेस“ गीता नाम की लड़की के पड़ाव की कहानी है। ऐसा पड़ाव जिसने उसे तेजाब से जलकर गलती हुई लाश की तरह बना दिया। इस दौरान उसने ’ईश्वर’ से तिनके भर की प्रार्थना नहीं की। गीता की कहानी उन सभी लड़कियों की कहानी है, जिन्होंने खामोश रहना मुनासिब नहीं समझा। जो लड़ी अपनी ही जैसी तमाम उन लड़कियों के लिए जो रह जाती हैं कमरे के किसी कोने में छुपी हुई, डरी हुई, मरी हुई।


Renunciation And Other Short Stories

by Dattaprasad Anil Thite-Bharadwaj

‘Renunciation and other short stories’ is a collection of his 11 short stories that recounts an abrupt end of a childhood friendship owing to the untimely death of one of the friends, a u-turn in the life of an infidel husband for self-cleansing, entry of happiness in an engineer’s life when he befriends three squirrel babies, helplessness of two persons to pacify the agony of a foreigner, two sequences of events when humanity goes beyond religious beliefs, a boy’s impatient wait to enjoy aromas of Saturdays, how a beggar woman feds other needy people and some subtle humour. In these stories, the author keenly observes his as well as the lives of people around him and then uses his imagination to interweave himself in them. This is the reason; some of the stories in this collection have the narrator as the first person singular. To put ourselves into others’ shoes though is a very complex process, yet he tries hard and thus without prejudice understands others’ experiences. People he mentions are the commonest without any so-called social glamour, yet have their own shares of deeply felt experiences.

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Renunciation And Other Short Stories

Second Chances

by Rajratan

I decided to write this book when I was in the darkest phase of my life, when I was close to killing myself, I was failed, disappointed, misunderstood, unloved. Some people die because of these reasons. I hope this book will help them. Not everyone is lucky enough to change their lives the way they want. Not everyone has the freedom like you. Life gives you hurdles, it is upto you whether you sit and cry or fight with the situation to live the great life you are destined to live. This book is for parents, students, women, men, fathers & mothers. Till the time you realize what you have been doing wrong, it is too late. This book is to just push you a little towards your good life. The most important part of life is living, live happily.

– Rajratan Gulab More