Scribbling In Solitude

by Nistha Verma

Product Description

Scribbling In Solitude is hindi/ urdu poetry collection by Nistha Verma. The book has poems which define the state of solitude. Nistha believes that there is a writer hidden in each one of us, and there are situations in life which makes one scribble!



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This cute poetry book titled cupcakes and rainbow is written straight out from the heart. The pages of this book not only contain words but my feelings, feelings that I have felt over the span of two years. Every word has brought me closer to where I am today in my life. I derive my strength, my weakness, my love and my hurt from each of the poems written on the pages of this book. But, above all this book is about deriving positivity and greatness and cupcakes and rainbow are two contrastingly beautiful things that bring us both.

– Aparna Singh


Poetic Essence

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Poetic Essence is a creation of several feelings coming together. This collection is an attempt to voice many things. The poems in this collection speaks about the feelings of a lonely girl, celebrates the coming of spring, gives you christmas wishes and much more. Rohan Palve, now 24 started writing when he was nineteen years old. He writes poetry and also has taste in writing articles and blogs on various topics. Rohan writes poetry for various domains in life, spirituality, nature and all other topics that touches his heart. Rohan is an english literature graduate and is going to pursue his masters in the same. He also works for a reputed MNC as a business associate for a banking and financial project. Apart from writing, he also peruses his hobby of learning different languages. This is his debut work in poetry. You will be seeing more books from him in the future.



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Paridhi Joshi is a 3D Animator by profession but a writer by heart. It took her one calm long night to realize her hidden potential when she couldn’t stop her pen from scribbling down her feelings in her notebook. Writing, since then, has been more than just a hobby to her. Qafila, being her debut novel holds a special importance in her life. A collection of 100 odd shayaris, Qafila holds the feelings of the people who are living far away from their home and how they feel about life, wrapped up in Paridhi’s words. It is a journey of how life revolves around when you move to a new city far from your loved ones, fighting your own battles just to survive.