Phoenix: Rise from ashes

by Shivya Soni

Product Description

Phoenix is a collection poems that shows my falls, my growth, how words helped me heal, how others inspired me through their work. As I write in here about self, heartbreaks, blooming love, for family and something  for the love of books. Phoenix as I chose the name for I see myself falling and rising again from the despair, depression, diffident and self doubting to one that will fly high.

– Shivya Soni



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Musings of the soul

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This book is a compilation of poetry of the participants of Writersgram Poetry Contest (April 2019). Each poetry is unique and the book represents various themes like love, motivation, social issues etc.



by Uddesh Kumar

Kaavish is a collection of hindi poems and gazal. Inside this book, the author has sketched poetries which are widely related to contemporary times. Either going far away from home , painful breakups or expressing sympathy with the Syrian kids. Kaavish is an effort to look closely through different paradigm . About the author Uddesh Kumar is a student of journalism currently pursuing his degree in MIC, Karnataka. Born and brought up in Bihar, Hindi has been an integral part of his life. Kaavish is his debut book, started at the age of 18. It took almost two and a half year to publish it in the present form. Throughout this period he has also written articles for online news portals. He has also been associated with the Literary Society of the University and represented his college in many annual fests.



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A collection of poems of 21 writers, verses hosts passionate poetry that reflects the style read and written in the 21st century. Mixing emotions with words, the writers will take you through a journey of love, healing, motivation and their poetries will touch your soul.


Khamosh Jazbaat

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Ocean Singh is a Fashion Designer and a Photographer. Writing has been her hobby since her childhood. Taking her inspirations from poems, hindi songs, poets; she has written her debut hindi poetry book ‘Khamosh Jazbaat’ which is a poetical journey with each poem describing different emotions and experiences.


Into The Universe Of My Heart

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The most important thing in life is our very existence. Those who can turn their mere existence into a life well lived are people full of self belief, compassion and dreams. In this small book, the author has tried to compile her understanding of life into poems on love, motivation, friendship, imagination, time and space. This book will make you fall in love with rhyme all over again.


Paribhasha (Volume 3)

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Paribhasha is a poetry collection of 21 writers. The third volume brings you the finest poetry in hindi language from writers across the nation, reflecting upon various themes.