Not Your Traditional Kavita

by Dr. Anam Fatima

Product Description

The author, Dr. Anam Fatima, is an M.B.B.S graduate from K.P.C Medical College and Hospital, Kolkata. Writing has been her passion since a very young age though she never thought she would start writing poems someday. Her method of writing poetry is rather non-traditional. ‘Not Your Traditional Kavita’ depicts a myriad of emotions. As the name suggests, the book consists of a combination of English and Hindi poetries (which many wouldn’t call poetries in the traditional sense). In her words “Jo bhi hai dil se hai!”



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Ibiza…Love In Words

by Ms. Geetika Kaura

I am currently employed as an Interpreter and Visa Counsellor in an African mission at New Delhi. To be honest in today’s world, experience provides more exposure and enhancement than academic knowledge. That makes me write everywhere I go. People think I am a boring person when they get to know about this hobby yet this a passion to me. Later when they meet me more, more sides of me I reveal and definitely they end up changing the perception for me. Indeed I am not the person to be loved at first sight, once you have an insight you’ll probably love/ like me from every sight.

– Geetika Kaura



by Heena Prolta

Harf~e~Inayat means words of kindness. This book contains around 90 couplets (shayari) which are based on love, life, nature, worship, romance, heart break, etc. The title Harf~e~Inayat is self-explanatory that kind words are very important in order to represent yourself.

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Kashish Zindagi Ki

by Subhi gupta

A poetry collection by Subhi Gupta


Mera Khwabgaah

by Rishabh Pathak

This book is about the various emotions from what everyone go through in their lives. I’m just trying to bond them in bundle of words. If you are romantic and that kind of person who believes in true love then go for it and enjoy the best feeling on this Earth – Love. This book expresses human feelings through shayaris & poetries. This book is dedicated to my lifelines – Papa & Mum without them nothing matters and then a big thanks to my family and friends. Stay blessed & happy, enjoy the journey !!

– Rishabh Pathak


With The Gleeful Stars

by Winny Wilson

About the book

With The Gleeful Stars is Wilson’s first collection of poems. These poems are based on both , real stories as well as fiction. It is a peak through other people’s curtain by a set of poems which are really heart-touching. These poems are written with love and heart by the poet. With a pinch of less drama, more sincere stories along with a touch of few words, these poems are handwritten and handpicked with love and care. The inspiration comes from few phrases or books, or around the people who live the reality. From touching the extreme level of luxury to among the poverty of the poor, this collection explains different aspects of life. From the brightest stars to the infinity time, these poems are scattered within the space that is found between the mentioned limits. Love or hatred, these are written for a good take. It is not necessary that this collection has to be in some position to be recognized, as this is written as the first ever collection to be printed. This collection is more than just a bunch of printed papers, rather it is the printed note of love. Even though this book has been prepared during the pandemic of the new decade, the effort to see the bright minds has to be seen. Taking to one’s imagination, this collection of poems can be interpreted in any manner, which is left to the choice of the reader.

About the author

Winny Wilson is a passionate writer, who writes what comes in her mind. She had her childhood in Dubai, and did her high school in Christ Vidyanikethan (ISC), Irinjalakuda, Kerala. She pursued her degree in the field of life sciences, and has a triple degree in biotechnology, biochemistry and genetics in Kristu Jayanti College, Bangalore. Currently being a post-graduate student, Wilson continues her studies in biotechnology in the same college. Wilson had started writing in her school days. She took part in various literal competitions in school, such as essay writing and story writing. She has a flow with her pen, always. Preferring to write with a mechanical pencil, she usually writes whatever topic that gets struck in her head. She officially started writing at the end of her second year, in degree. Her main taste lies in the poetry field. She had developed her habit to read from a long time. Studying Shakespeare in her high school, she has her taste mostly for fictions like the Harry Potter series. Spending her time either by reading or writing, she has adored the literature field. When her studies became her profession, her writing turned out to be her passion. Being a humanitarian at heart, Wilson always wanted to contribute to the society. Her dream is be a researcher in the field of life sciences. She sees writing as a platform to bring out her feelings. In other words, her personal drug. Let it be her happiness, sorrow or anger, she pens all of her feelings. Her flow of words allows her to express herself. She has personally written to her near ones, as it helps her to get closer to others. Trying a variety of poetry structures, she finds her amusements in the words she writes down.


Paribhasha Volume 2

by Multiple

Paribhasha (2nd volume) is a poetry collection of 54 writers spread across the nation who write on different topics like love, motivation, social issues etc.