My Compathy

by Borundiya Keerthi

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About the book

You will gradually know a world of a complexity, of how many thoughts they hold. It’s devastating though wonderfully grown into something more than just words. It embraces all of the fallen, the broken, the risen, the loved and the cured.

The book includes emotions, fantasies, social occurances, feminism, inspiration and all that’s called to be Life. For I share all of little things we’re part of. A social Life, hidden or expressed.

Sometimes the messed up situations gives us the aligned answers. I hope my words connect your life somewhere to mean something. It’s always amazing to observe the world and weird to be a part of it.

Thank you for your admiral.

About the author

Hola ! This is Borundiya Keerthi , a graduate from Hyderabad. Her world’s more of a complex tune. Writing became her friend since she was a teen, and that connection still continues as she observes how the life goes.

She’s been into books as co-author. Been a compiler of two books. And finally with help of writersgram she is publishing her own piece of work.



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Coffee Paus Aani Kavita

by Sachin Madhukar Gote

कॉफी , पाऊस आणि कविता… प्रत्येकाच्या आयुष्यात या तीन गोष्टी अनवधानाने कधी ना कधी एकत्र आल्याचं असतील… आणि काही क्षण सुखाचे करून गेले असतील… ! तेच क्षण मी एकत्र साठवून कवितेच्या रुपात कागदावर मांडल्या… ! खूप काही धीर गंभीर काव्य नाही, आयुष्याचा सखोल अभ्यास वगेरे तर अजिबात नाही… ! जितकी साधी जीवाला भावणारी कॉफी, जितका जिव्हाळयाचा पाऊस तितक्याच साध्या सरळ , भावणाया ह्या कविता…! कुठल्या तरी वळणावर, नकळत काही कारण नसतांना उगीच आड वाटेला थांबून एखादा कोवळा क्षण समोर यावा , तश्या ह्या कविता त्या अनोळखी क्षणा सारखा उभ्या राहतील… आणि तो क्षण पहिल्या सरी च्या बेधुंद पावसात मनाला भिजवून टाकतील… !

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Coffee Paus Aani Kavita (Sample)

Ibiza…Love In Words

by Ms. Geetika Kaura

I am currently employed as an Interpreter and Visa Counsellor in an African mission at New Delhi. To be honest in today’s world, experience provides more exposure and enhancement than academic knowledge. That makes me write everywhere I go. People think I am a boring person when they get to know about this hobby yet this a passion to me. Later when they meet me more, more sides of me I reveal and definitely they end up changing the perception for me. Indeed I am not the person to be loved at first sight, once you have an insight you’ll probably love/ like me from every sight.

– Geetika Kaura



by Multiple

A collection of poems of 21 writers, verses hosts passionate poetry that reflects the style read and written in the 21st century. Mixing emotions with words, the writers will take you through a journey of love, healing, motivation and their poetries will touch your soul.


Safarnaama - Vol 1

by Ankaj Giri

When the world around raced for being human and walking that extra mile to achieve their goals The Traveller sighed; and turned himself into a storyteller. The apathetic world kept chasing acquisitive pleasures as the Traveller smiled and looked up to the storyteller inside. The tales inside him shaped, molded and spiraled down the invisible walls that he created to ward off the apparent perfect world. The Traveller watched as the storyteller weaved and nurtured them into beautiful strings of thoughts. Thoughts bearing love, loss, tears, pain and many more in the journey of the Traveller. He took one step after the other in his journey, wrote one after the other poetries and fostered the spirit of storytelling inside. Thus, “Safarnaama” came into life. This first volume contains short form writeups!


From bottom of heart

by Jiya Vora

‘From Bottom of Heart’ is a collection of poems on various themes like inspiration, life, motivation, love & nature. The book also contains certain quotes, which indeed speak volume with a very few words.


Paati Neh Bhari

by Praduman Kumar Dubey

जोड़ कर हर लम्हा अपनी जिन्दगी का
लिखा है मैंने यह पाती नेह भरी

इस भाव को अपने मन में लिए श्री प्रद्युम्न ने अपने जीवन की समस्त घटनाओं, समस्याओं, मुकाम, ऊँचाइयों और जज्बात को बहुत ही सरल एवं रोचक शैली में कविताओं के रूप में इस किताब ‘पाती नेह भरी‘ में एकत्रित किया। इस किताब में लिखी गयी हर कविता एक प्रेम भरा खत है जो की उस विचार को व्यक्त कर रहा है जिसे प्रद्युम्न जी ने अपने सफर में हर छोटे-बड़े मोड़ पर महसूस किया। चाहे वह परिस्थिति कठिन रही या जीवन का सबसे खूबसूरत लम्हा, प्रद्युम्न जी ने सामान रूप से साहस, शीतलता एवं निडर हो कर उसका सामना किया और यही कारण है की इस किताब का शीर्षक है ‘पाती नेह भरी‘ और प्रत्येक कविता में उस प्रेम भाव को पाठक बहुत ही सरलता से महसूस करता है और उसका हृदय आनंदित हो उठता है।