Muse : Hidden in your hearts, Expressed in my words

by Vatsala Mishra

Product Description

About the book

The mind may focus on one thing at a time but the heart runs everywhere, it is forever in turmoil, not wanting peace. Embrace its wandering when you sit to read today. This book shall turn the heart on and turn off the brain for some time. You are about to enter a world of pure unfiltered emotions that would lead to a tour within.

About the author

The author is a person who writes because she believes in the power of the pen. She does not write because she is  shy to speak, in fact she is an orator, she speaks on the mike, she participates in debates but she  writes because she is aware of the powerful effect that writing has on the world. She agrees with Louis-Sébastien Mercier in saying “Tremble therefore tyrants of the world, tremble before the virtual writer”.



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This book is based on a teenager’s life, how being of a very young age he expects being loved from others knowing that it might not be possible for a whole lifetime. Even after knowing the consequences, the side effects of love, he/she gets involved in it and breaks own heart very badly and realizes that trust cannot be done so easily.

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To reach the author:

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