Memories of a Millennial

by Samman Roy

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In this collection of stories set in the timeline of SAMMAN ROY’s growing up years, he recounts stories from his own life and the lives he had seen around him; stories of teenage crushes, unrequited love, unrecognized virtues and even adventures involving the supernatural. Being a millennial born, he encapsulates the experiences of the post-neo-liberalized India he has seen in the first 25 years of his life in the garb of short, imaginative tales.



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by Janhavi Bhat

‘सफरनामा’ जान्हवी भट द्वारा रचित हिंदी कविताओं और उर्दू शायरी का एक अनूठा संग्रह है। इनमें से कई कविताओं की रचना विविध काव्य सम्मेलनों की पार्श्वभूमी पर की गयी थी। वहीं दूसरी ओर उर्दू शायरी का निर्माण महज़ उर्दू अल्फाज़ सीखने की मंशा से हुआ था। सोशल मीडिया के उपयोग द्वारा ऐसे अनगिनत प्रयोगों को अतुलनीय प्रोत्साहन मिलता रहा। और यह रचनाएँ काफी समय तक डायरी के पन्नों में दबी रही। इनको प्रकाशित करने की प्रेरणा जान्हवी भट को डॉ. शैलेंद्र गायकवाड से मिली जिन्होंने उनकी अनेक कविताओं को खूब सराहा। इस संग्रह में बखान है एक सफर का जो प्रेम, विरह, इंतज़ार, अपेक्षा एवं ज्ञान से भरपूर है। नवरसों का उपयोग काफी मात्रा में किया गया है। कविताओं में मार्मिकता है जो आजकल कम पढ़ने मिलती है। इनकी कविताएँ विविध दृष्टिकोणों को दर्शाती हैं। प्रकृति और उसके अनेक हिस्सों का भी प्रयोग इनमें किया गया है। अंग्रेज़ी कविता संग्रह के पशच्यात हिंदी काव्य जगत में ‘सफरनामा’ जान्हवी का प्रथम पद है।


Renunciation And Other Short Stories

by Dattaprasad Anil Thite-Bharadwaj

‘Renunciation and other short stories’ is a collection of his 11 short stories that recounts an abrupt end of a childhood friendship owing to the untimely death of one of the friends, a u-turn in the life of an infidel husband for self-cleansing, entry of happiness in an engineer’s life when he befriends three squirrel babies, helplessness of two persons to pacify the agony of a foreigner, two sequences of events when humanity goes beyond religious beliefs, a boy’s impatient wait to enjoy aromas of Saturdays, how a beggar woman feds other needy people and some subtle humour. In these stories, the author keenly observes his as well as the lives of people around him and then uses his imagination to interweave himself in them. This is the reason; some of the stories in this collection have the narrator as the first person singular. To put ourselves into others’ shoes though is a very complex process, yet he tries hard and thus without prejudice understands others’ experiences. People he mentions are the commonest without any so-called social glamour, yet have their own shares of deeply felt experiences.

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Renunciation And Other Short Stories

Cupcakes and Rainbow

by Aparna Singh

This cute poetry book titled cupcakes and rainbow is written straight out from the heart. The pages of this book not only contain words but my feelings, feelings that I have felt over the span of two years. Every word has brought me closer to where I am today in my life. I derive my strength, my weakness, my love and my hurt from each of the poems written on the pages of this book. But, above all this book is about deriving positivity and greatness and cupcakes and rainbow are two contrastingly beautiful things that bring us both.

– Aparna Singh


Faani- Alfaaz-e-mohabbat

by Aashi Vaishnav

चितौड़गढ़ (राजस्थान) की निवासी, लेखिका आशी पेशे से एक विद्यालय में अध्यापिका हैं । आशी को काव्य में अत्यंत रूचि है । इनका मानना है की कविताओं एवं शायरी के ज़रिये इंसान अपने सारे जज़्बात बेहद आसानी से खामोश रह कर भी व्यक्त कर सकता है । अपनी भाग दौड़ वाली ज़िन्दगी में से कुछ बेशकीमती पल निकाल कर आशी ने इस किताब ’फानी’ की रचना की है । इस किताब में मुख्य रूप से आशी की चुनिन्दा शायरियाँ और कविताएँ हैं जो की विभिन्न मसलों एवं भावनाओं को व्यक्त करती हैं ।


Mizpah Farig

by Shubham D Krishan

Mizpah Farig is a collection of 100 odd shayaris by Shubham D Krishan. Mizpah Farig is a tribute to his late grandfather ‘Farig Sahab’.


Ibiza…Love In Words

by Ms. Geetika Kaura

I am currently employed as an Interpreter and Visa Counsellor in an African mission at New Delhi. To be honest in today’s world, experience provides more exposure and enhancement than academic knowledge. That makes me write everywhere I go. People think I am a boring person when they get to know about this hobby yet this a passion to me. Later when they meet me more, more sides of me I reveal and definitely they end up changing the perception for me. Indeed I am not the person to be loved at first sight, once you have an insight you’ll probably love/ like me from every sight.

– Geetika Kaura