Melody Of Moods

by Rupshita Suresh

Product Description

What is life? What are its elements? What about hardships? It is all these questions that you will find answers for in this book. This book follows the journey of emotions and various moods that life harbors. It speaks about family, friends, childhood and life itself. It goes from the sorrows to happy times and from fear to motivation. A well-crafted ride along the elements of life and stories of love in various forms. This is a collection of thirty five poems that are ready to inspire you, to live, to be strong, to love yourself, to love art, to dance in the winds and to get all wet in the rains! Ever wanted to just close your eyes and just imagine? Well just grab a cup of coffee or tea and sit down, shedding off all worries and just imagine and dream! Let it be imagining about life or about the day you achieve it all, just sit and imagine with me as we visit every mood, every emotion in this ride of the ‘Melody of moods’.



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Paribhasha Volume 2

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Paribhasha (2nd volume) is a poetry collection of 54 writers spread across the nation who write on different topics like love, motivation, social issues etc.


Depths of Silence

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Depths Of Silence has 30 poems, expressing the loud voices that we usually keep to ourselves, hoping others to listen to it yet, want the voices to be unheard. It has the random issues and thoughts of a random teenager or maybe everyone who suffer with themselves. Showing the dark side of most, it is relatable to most of the people out there!!


Wisdom Wine: Drop of Shrewdness

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Siyaahii is a poetry collection of 56 writers, which talks about various things ranging from love, social issues and life at large.



by Paridhi Joshi

Paridhi Joshi is a 3D Animator by profession but a writer by heart. It took her one calm long night to realize her hidden potential when she couldn’t stop her pen from scribbling down her feelings in her notebook. Writing, since then, has been more than just a hobby to her. Qafila, being her debut novel holds a special importance in her life. A collection of 100 odd shayaris, Qafila holds the feelings of the people who are living far away from their home and how they feel about life, wrapped up in Paridhi’s words. It is a journey of how life revolves around when you move to a new city far from your loved ones, fighting your own battles just to survive.


Safarnaama - Vol 1

by Ankaj Giri

When the world around raced for being human and walking that extra mile to achieve their goals The Traveller sighed; and turned himself into a storyteller. The apathetic world kept chasing acquisitive pleasures as the Traveller smiled and looked up to the storyteller inside. The tales inside him shaped, molded and spiraled down the invisible walls that he created to ward off the apparent perfect world. The Traveller watched as the storyteller weaved and nurtured them into beautiful strings of thoughts. Thoughts bearing love, loss, tears, pain and many more in the journey of the Traveller. He took one step after the other in his journey, wrote one after the other poetries and fostered the spirit of storytelling inside. Thus, “Safarnaama” came into life. This first volume contains short form writeups!