Love, Loss & Learnings

by Yuvraj Anand

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About the book

When the life begins to take unexpected turns and forces a change in our mental attire, when we are in a liking to someone, when we are relishing this exquisite bond of love, when we have had a break in our kin, when we are content in our world of fascination, when we expect someone to support our back; the heartfelt emotions find their way down to the pages through ink that says it all. We all get to experience some odds and in accordance, have moments to cherish. Some words of mine shall try to penetrate through your feelings. Find the write-up of your match and influence others!!

About the author

Yuvraj Anand, who is aged 16 years was born in Muzaffarpur, a small town in the state of Bihar. He has been a fond writer since a very young age. He is currently a high school student at Army Public School, Lucknow. His debut book, Love, Loss & Learnings : A Collection of Poetry and Prose, has  been published with 100 write-ups of various familiar topics . He had begun his career with writing poems, musings and mainly short write-ups. He has a command on English and Hindi languages, although he prefers to write in English. He aspires to be a profound writer and this is a step closer towards it.



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by Reetu Pareek

जज्बात जिन्हें कह ना पाएं लब कभी।

उन्हें रूह तक पहुंचाया है 

शब्दों के सहारे कलम ने मेरी।

बिजोलिया (राजस्थान) की निवासी,लेखिका रितु पारीक पढ़ाई में कम्पलीट कर चुकी हैं। वर्ष 2018 से ये राजस्थान की मशहूर music company “वीणा म्यूजिक” में कंटेंट राइटर की पोस्ट पर कार्य कर रही हैं।लिखने में इनकी रुचि बचपन से रही है। इनके लिए लिखना जीवन को सही मायनों में जीने जैसा है।इस किताब में लिखी ये पंक्तियां महज पंक्तियाँ नहीं रितु के दिल के जज्बात है जिन्हें कलम के सहारे  उन्होंने इस पुस्तक में उतारा है।