Karma: A Boomerang

by Vinita RajaRam

Product Description

Karma is a story about an evil man and a rich boy. The man comes up with a conspiracy to kill the boy so as to capture his bunglow. But his plan gets interrupted by an eagle.Will he be able to succeed in his evil plans or will he have to face consequences of his foolishness ? Well, Karma is all about that!



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The Truth Can't Be Hidden

by Gopi Manoj

Datta, an 18 year old boy who always dreams of winning U-19 cricket world cup for his country gets admitted into IIT to pursue his graduation. He meets his old friends Heidi and Kishore at the IIT. One day his father tells him that his life was in danger and gives him a wooden box which has some secret hidden in it. As time passed, his parents were killed brutally by Dr. J. Datta has decided to reveal the secret in the box and put Dr. J behind the bars. Will Datta catch Dr. J? Will Datta find the hidden secret in the box? Will he achieve his dream?


Ashes of Desires

by Janhavi Bhat

What happens when the world is fighting water scarcity and the only solution lies in the world that was first built? That is when a boy from the far west meets a girl who lived thousand years on the planet and an eagle who has four eyes?

You will receive only in your dream. Desire once, and you will lose the dream.

The saga unfolds and takes them to a time when things had just begun.

I talk of the time when the stars had just bloomed, like flowers they were spreading their essence in the universe’s womb. Gigantic they were, larger than our sun. Everything was in ecstatic motion, it seemed slow but that was its rhythm.

When millions of years passed like these, everyone got bored. That’s when two stars tried to find out a way. One was Lamor and one was Rezin. Together they stayed and remained by each other’s side.

“You know what? I am bored of you. Can’t I just hang out with someone else? In this dark space of nothingness it is sickening to look at your face. I want passion, I want chase, I want to run all over the space, go to every corner, meet everyone”, said Lamor.

“Hmm”, meanwhile Rezin meditated on his state.

“Weren’t we created to enjoy this stillness, the silence and solitude, doing our work and when time’s up we go back to where we belong?”, Rezin said.

“A thousand years from now, when the cups will be filled and the wells will be dry, when the insides will be empty and the shackles will collapse, when desire shall become revenge and revenge will satisfy. Then you will know, that is time.”


The Nightout of a Girl

by Akash kulkarni

‘The Nightout of a Girl’ is a story about a girl who comes from a vilage to a big city for the first time to pursue her higher studies. But something else awaits her in this big city as she faces crime against her in one single night! The story is an inspiration for all the girls who take a stand and fight the crime. Read along and find out how this girl fights it all!