Jhoole Ja Raha Hun

by Anshuman Singh

Product Description

किसी मेले के सबसे बड़े झूले में बैठ कर गोल-गोल घूमना निश्चित रूप से एक रोमांचक अनुभव होता है। जीवन में भी हम इसी प्रकार कुछ चीजों के इर्द-गिर्द घूमते हुए तमाम अनुभवों से गुजरते रहते हैं। यह पुस्तक मानव-जीवन की उस रचनात्मकता को समर्पित है जो हर प्रकार के उतार-चढ़ाव के बीच निरंतर नई भावनाऐं तलाश लेती है। अलग-अलग प्रेरणाएँ लेकर हम सब जीवन के झूले को झूले जा रहे हैं। यह पुस्तक जीवन के बारे में है। और हर उस भावना के बारे में भी जो जीवन के अनुभवों के साथ आती है और हमें छूकर चली जाती है।



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Shades of Humanity

by Nikita Singh

Shades of Humanity, a collection of 40 poems will take you back to look into every face of life and humans. Each poem will reach back to your heart and mind, leading to a reflecting back to ones own journey .It will be a process of diving deep into the world and word ‘humanity’ reading life through poetic senses.


Verses from my nib

by Sushmita Nanda

This book is a collection of poems dealing with different genres, which takes you through the various phases of life. You may sometimes feel ecstatic, sometimes gloomy but mainly you are bound to contemplate on the notions talked about in the poems. The ideas are taken from reality and prevailing society. At times you may also find some poems to be personal and that is where the real beauty lies as you might relate to it.


Shades of Empathy

by Fatema Onali Hajiwala

About the book

This book aims at bringing about the positive changes you always desired but failed due to inadequate sources to inculcate the same. It balances your mind in such a way that you have a clearer vision towards life. It is aimed to bring peace and contentment in life of the reader. It offers insights on how to lead a better life and be better version of oneself. The objective is to bring out the best in oneself. This book serves as a good getaway for the bookworms who are in search of filling the void in themselves.

About the author

The author has been born and brought up in Bhuj, a city of hopes and happiness. She started her career by choosing MBA from Kachchh University. She ranked among top 5 in MBA. The author used to maintain a dairy and pen poems in it. Eventually, as the social media mania evolved, the author started her personal blog on WordPress. The author has various other interests like sketching, counseling people, cooking and travelling.


Musings of the soul

by Multiple

This book is a compilation of poetry of the participants of Writersgram Poetry Contest (April 2019). Each poetry is unique and the book represents various themes like love, motivation, social issues etc.


Paribhasha Volume 1

by Multiple

Paribhasha is a compilation of hindi poetries of 40 writers spread across India, taking one through various feelings of love, loss and life, and at the same time touching upon some social issues.


That Nerved Watch

by Arshi

Some love stories tend to end amidst, while some run till the end. In fact, no love story is incomplete, all are driven by force of love to a complete end. And if it’s not complete, it’s not an end. ‘THAT NERVED WATCH’ is such a saga which is still waiting for its final end. It is the tale of two amateur people, Pritam and Meera, who fell in love during their school days and remained the same until the time played well.

The story depicts power of time. There’s no tomorrow or yesterday, it’s only today. The story emphasizes on the motto ‘IT’S TODAY OR IT’S NEVER, THE CHOICE IS YOURS.’ This love story is tender and heartfelt depicting the adjoining scenarios of love and the reason of its failure. Meera and Pritam being from the same school casted a new love story with awestruck situations played by the time turning love into a catastrophe or a catastrophe into love.

It is a book for anyone who has ever gazed onto the sky, thinking about two separate stars to meet once in their lifetime. Suitable for every age group, this love story hits hard to the soul stuck around the paused time of a nerved watch.