Indian Summer in Verses

by Multiple Authors

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Indian Summer in Verses is a modest attempt of 32 poets who have all captured the nostalgic, most memorable and the bygone times of those summer days when the world was slow, time was magical, people connected from the hearts and life was quite simple. Each poet in this book has captured a dream like summer time, which in these days seems lost somewhere in an expeditious world. You will find in this book the childhood spent in the hills and mountains, children being out of the house the whole day when there was no fear of being scolded, as the aunts and mothers of the houses kept busy with their errands and tittle-tattle, while the gangs of children loitered around eating berries or mangoes from the orchards, or dipping their tiny feet in the nearby ponds. Each poem is a glance into the world of those precious bygone summer days which were waited by the children and both adults with equal enthusiasm; it was those times when people found escape from their routine lives and a train journey was the most memorable ride that people took to meet the loved ones in the other end, who all waited with equal anxiety to unite with their distant family members and spend the rest of the summer days in frolic.

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Mizpah Farig is a collection of 100 odd shayaris by Shubham D Krishan. Mizpah Farig is a tribute to his late grandfather ‘Farig Sahab’.


Meri kalam kehti hai

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This book is a compilation of poetry of the participants of Writersgram Poetry Contest (April 2019). Each poetry is unique and the book represents various themes like love, motivation, social issues etc.


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