Fruits of madness

by Chiranjit Shivam

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About the book

The woods are lovely, dark and deep 

But I have promises to keep

And miles to go before I sleep

And miles to go before I sleep

– Robert Frost

These lines kept the author going on. These lines gave him a boost to work more to write more. After publishing his first book ‘Rose Petals’ in 2017, he maintained his habit of writing. This time, it turned out to be ‘Fruits of Madness’, his second poetry collection. In this book you will find poems on love and relations, heart breaks and separations! Some poems are abstract and many more! The author’s writings from 2017-2019 are the ones you’ll find page turning!

About the author

Chiranjit Shivam is 29 years old and lives in Biswanath Assam. He completed his schooling  and graduation from St Paul’s School and Rangapara College respectively. He published his first book, Rose Petals in 2017. Fruits of Madness is his second book.



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The Cessation

by Arushi Sharma

About the book

“The Cessation is a collection that includes three forms: quotes, small paragraphs, and a few letters based on the combination of personal experiences, fantasies, and realities that are often being ignored. As a result of this incomprehension, people limit themselves in a closet that makes them feel alienated and detached from the mechanisms of the world. Therefore, I believe, to break these manufactured ‘truths’, it is important to cater to them by being vocal about the same. This obligation can make people question the distinctiveness of the process that they went through by highlighting the commonalities and a sense of familiarity with their fellow human beings. The contents of the book are scattered, in the sense that I picked up various forms of forbidden apples from the world’s garden of Eden, and tried to present them collectively in The Cessation. Few topics that are included in the book are associated with day to day life: Love, Silence, Past, Future, Overwhelming emotions, Nature, Forbidden thoughts, etc that are suppressed under the glossy utopian realities. The selection of these heterogeneous topics are meant to question or challenge the homogeneous and hegemonic realities because in this dynamic world monotony is a myth.”

About the author

On 23 February 1998, a baby girl, Arushi was born in a middle-class family to a banker and a housewife after 5 years of their marriage. Being a firstborn in the extended family and the only child to her parents, she was fortunate enough to gather all the love from her family. She did her schooling from Queen Mary’s School, Tis Hazari, Delhi with a science background. Soon after completing school, she pursued her dream and decided to shift to humanities in order to study English. She did her Bachelor of Arts (BA) in English from Ambedkar University Delhi, Delhi. Having a lineage, both paternal and maternal, from Himachal Pradesh, she grew up hearing various stories about the myths and traditions of the state. Always empathetic and fascinated by the experiences of people and their stories, she developed an interest in Indian Mythologies as well as Folklore. She got an opportunity to present a paper at the Annual Conference of American Folklore Society, in 2018 at Buffalo, U.S.A. Currently, she is pursuing her Masters from Christ (Deemed to be University), Bengaluru in English and Cultural Studies. Even though being born with an exuberant nature which made her not just the favourite kid in her family but also amongst her group of friends, she still prefers to pen up her thoughts that she developed during her first year of the bachelor’s degree. Apart from academic interests, she has a proclivity for creative writing, French fries and at times for traveling. Even though she is not an ardent reader but is fond of reading poems, couplets and short stories, especially written by Manto, both in Hindi and English.


Ulfat - Prem Ane Mitrta

by Abhishek Parmar

ULFAT’ – Love and Friendship. None of them we chose to do. They happens with us. They encounter us anytime, anywhere Wwith anyone. In love there is friendship and in friendship there is love, for sure. Feeling seperates them. The feel that we have inside of our hearts. Love can’t be defined nor it can be proven. It’s like an air. Feel it and live it. The big messy confusion occurs often in relationship is – ‘Is it love or friendship ?!’ Who decides ? The boundries of love and friendship is decided by the souls living at the ends of a relationship. In this story you will see love and friendship playing hide and seek with the characters. Don’t try to run away. Love or friendship or both will caught you once in a life for sure. ARE YOU READY !


Meri Corona Kahani

by Shrunali Vadhwa

किताब के बारे में

कोरोना ने कई लोगो की ज़िंदगियां बदली लेकिन अब तक उसकी कहानियां या उसके होने से आपके अंदर और आस पास में क्या फर्क आ जाता है वह भी लोगो को नहीं पता चला है। इस किताब के जरिए में आशा करती हूं कि आप कोरोना से पीड़ित एक व्यक्ति या उसके परिवार की स्थिति को महसूस कर सकेंगे। दिल से जो महसूस किया वह इस किताब में शब्द बनाकर उतारा। कोरोना जब इस देश में आया तबसे जो मन में चल रहा था वह सब लिखा है। कुछ ही समय में यह बीमारी से डैडी त्रस्त हो गए और मैं अपनी बहनों के साथ वहीं थी। एक 17 लोगो के घर में 3 पॉजिटिव मामलों के साथ केसे जूझ रही थी उसकी भी थोड़ी झलक दिखाई देगी मेरी नज्मों और कविताओं में। 14 दिन बाद जब अपने ससुराल लौटकर खुदको क्वारांटिन किया और कोरोना का असर खुद में भी पाया उसके बारे में मैने लिखने की कोशिश की है इस किताब में। अकेले एक कमरे में १४ दिन केसे लगते है और उसके बाद ठीक होकर उसके डर से लड़कर उसका सामना केसे करना सीखा मैने उसे भी खूब अच्छे से बतलाया है। कोरोना से जुड़े हर ख्याल और जज्बात को मैने यहां लिखने की कोशिश की है।

लेखिका के बारे में

घजिया , इस लेखिका/ कवियत्री का नया जन्म है। मायके का नाम उसकी पहचान और गुरूर था जो शादी होते टूट गया। इस कवियत्री के मजहब में शादी के बाद एक लड़की का पूरा नाम बदलता है। नाम सिर्फ घर में पुकार ने के लिए बदला बल्कि सरकारी कागजों पर भी बदला। घाव गहरा लगा पर उसने उस नाम को स्वीकारा। उसके ज़हन में कबसे एक बात थी कि अगर वह अपने मायके और ससुराल के नामों से नहीं जानी जाए तो वो क्या हो? उसकी खुदकी पहचान किस नाम से हो? तब, उसने काफी सोचा और अपनी नई पहचान बनाने का ठाना और ‘ घजिया ‘ पर आकर उसका दिल थम गया। घजिया का मतलब है एक नारी जो योद्धा है। एक नारी होकर मैने इस समाज में खुद को बूहूत निचले स्थल पे पाया है। लेकिन, मैने खुद में काफी हिम्मत और ताकत पाई है इसलिए मैने वह नाम अपने लिए एकदम सही समझा। और, मेरा मान ना यह है कि हर नर में एक नारी होती है और हर नारी में एक नर। तो, हमारे अंदर यह जो नर और नारी की टकसाली बैठ चुकी है उसे निकाल के दोनों के अपने अपने स्थलों के हिसाब से हमे बर्ताव करना चाहिए।


Hope of a new kind

by Multiple

Hope of a new kind is a poetry collection of 27 writers, having the theme hope. The collection moves the readers towards a positive direction.


Sparkled Emotions

by Riya Malik

About the book

Love, pain, joy, jealousy;

Why should I loathe any?!

As all these emotions are sparkled

In one way or many.

Sarah Forbes, is an eighty-six year-old woman, who has loved and lost like everybody. But now after all these years, she feels the desire to tell her story. Therefore, she embarks on a voyage down to the memory lane just to find herself living those emotions again. She rekindles the memories of the man, she has loved and also of the obstacles they together were left to conquer. But has she succeeded or has she failed, is the question not yet answered for the readers’ sake. This book is in the form of a monologue, containing several poems, put together to form a beautiful story, which accidently happens to convey every heart’s query.

About the author

Riya Malik is an avid reader and a poet. She is currently studying in 12th class at R.K. Memorial Ser. Sec. School and aspires to become a renowned author one day. The idea of words woven together in a rhythmic way appealed to her when she was twelve years old and then she started writing poems herself. Her poem ‘Poking the Pride’ has also been published in the book ‘Heavy Clouds, No Rain.’ She is currently working on her next project.


Kuch Rang Zindagi Ke

by Abhijeet Mehta

Kuch Rang Zindagi Ke’ is a short story about a girl ‘Aazadi’ who is a typical example of what the girls in our society have to face and what they go through, the judgments that are passed at them and the wrath that is thrown towards them! Find out how Aazadi fights the different faces of our society and how different colors of her life unfold.