Dancing with the Dark

by Shailja Nimavat

Product Description

‘Dancing with the Dark’ is collection of poems bases on various aspects of life. It takes you on a journey through love, loss, loneliness, tragedies, hope and pain. It will deal with death and even what comes after it. Every poem will resonate with an emotion hidden deep within you. It will bring the harsh realities of life into a subtle glow of light. The simple lyrics will pack a powerful punch and you’d gladly take the blow, even come back for more. Most of the poems channel a darker theme. But this isn’t something to shy away from. The poems will entice you and keep you hooked.



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Echoes of Heart

by Srishti Madan

The book “ECHOES OF HEART”, is an effort to attach readers, to all those detached emotions, which we have faced at times, in our lives. It is a collection of twenty poems, dealing with various issues of life and love, the dilemmas and the hurricane of thoughts which we at many stages encounter with. Pains, unsolved confusions and illusions, I have tried to answer many via words, but then some are left unanswered, do explore and, let me know, if this echo shouts at your heart too.



by Multiple

A collection of poems and stories of 52 writers, Applause is single stop for all genres, ranging from romance to horror, fiction and reality. Having all what a reader wants in a book, Applause is a collection which is unputdownable. So, come along and explore this journey of words, and in the end we are sure you’ll make an Applause!


The CHAOS of love, pain and healing

by Disha Varshney

‘THE CHAOS OF LOVE, PAIN AND HEALING’ is a captivating collection of English and Hindi poems on love, heartbreaks and healing process, that will touch your soul and make you believe in the powers of the uncanny universe. The author has poured all her emotions in the poems, which can only be felt by heart.

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The CHAOS of love, pain and healing

Meri Kahani Tumhari Bhi to hai

by Rukayya Zirapur

मुझे लगता है मेरे मन में जो विचार आते हैं, जो मैं सोचती हूँ, वो बातें, वो चीज़ें दूसरे भी महसूस करते हैं। मुझे लगता है मेरी कहानी दूसरों की भी कहानी है। उस कहानी का थोड़ा अंश मैंने कुछ पंक्तियों में उकेरने का प्रयास किया हैं, जिसका नाम है “मेरी कहानी तुम्हारी भी तो है“। क्या पता शायद आपकी भी हो।

– Rukayya Zirapur


Ehsaas - Lafz Bezubaan Volume 2

by Multiple

Ehsaas Volume 2 is a poetry collection of 37 writers.


Melody Of Moods

by Rupshita Suresh

What is life? What are its elements? What about hardships? It is all these questions that you will find answers for in this book. This book follows the journey of emotions and various moods that life harbors. It speaks about family, friends, childhood and life itself. It goes from the sorrows to happy times and from fear to motivation. A well-crafted ride along the elements of life and stories of love in various forms. This is a collection of thirty five poems that are ready to inspire you, to live, to be strong, to love yourself, to love art, to dance in the winds and to get all wet in the rains! Ever wanted to just close your eyes and just imagine? Well just grab a cup of coffee or tea and sit down, shedding off all worries and just imagine and dream! Let it be imagining about life or about the day you achieve it all, just sit and imagine with me as we visit every mood, every emotion in this ride of the ‘Melody of moods’.