Canvas of Emotions

by Preeta Sarkhel

Product Description

About the book

Accidentally, strikingly, we go through many emotions in life which are felt but we fail to express it. The Canvas Of Emotions is one of those collections of emotions that every person has experienced in their life but haven’t expressed it. Read it to get high on emotions and tighten your seat belts for a roller coaster ride.

About the author

Preeta Sarkhel, an Engineer by degree, was a banker by profession, hails from silver city, Cuttack. A writer by heart, she writes to express the feelings, which she can’t say it. CANVAS OF EMOTIONS is her debut quotes collection, containing quotes on various shades of life. Preeta is a passionate reader, an unapologetic philosopher who loves to talk about life, prefer books or music over parties. Her Playlist knows her moods, an overthinker, for which things get messed up. A silent soul but can be turned into a storm if she is hurt. She has many featured quotes.



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